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Meet Lindsey Ketchum!

We are excited to interview Lindsey Ketchum. She and her husband, Chase, lead Kaleo Kids together. If you have kids or serve in Kaleo Kids, you already know her and have witnessed how deeply she loves Jesus, how well she serves Kaleo Church, and her determination to make Kaleo Kids a place where kids will consistently hear the Gospel, where parents can trust us with their kiddos, and where volunteers can thrive. If you've never sat and talked with Lindsey, we hope this interview will help to get to know her better: 

1. How and when did Jesus draw you to himself? I grew up attending church and with a father who really treasured Jesus. However, while I knew the right answers and was well taught, my heart was far from God. When I moved away for college I went through a season of open rebellion against God and turned to a worldly lifestyle that left me feeling empty and hopeless. In 2019, I left college for the summer and came to stay with Abbey and Tim. This was the first time I had seen such sweet Gospel community. I was standoffish and skeptical but God was beginning to show my need for a Savior. I remember Tim and Abbey’s gentle patience with my angry heart, and even in my anger I believed they truly loved me and wanted my good. One Saturday, Tim was preaching on the Woman at the well and how Jesus knew everything she had ever done and yet he loved her. Hearing Jesus’ gentle heart towards her broke me. I had felt for so long that he could not possibly love me after all I had done. That night I saw that the cross was what I deserved but Jesus bore my punishment and God’s righteous wrath towards my sin was satisfied. 

2. How long have you been a part of Kaleo Church? I have been at Kaleo since the very beginning! After becoming a Christian I pretty much decided to never leave. 

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your family? My husband, Chase, and I met at Kaleo in 2008. After being friends for a long time we began to date in 2012 and were married in 2014. Our son, Dean, was born in July 2017. They are both pretty great guys. It’s been such a gift to walk through dating, marriage and having a son all at Kaleo! We enjoy doing San Diego touristy things, like going to Julian for the day, bay days, walking around Old Town, and the Zoo! We recently finished building a house out of Tim and Abbeys garage so we are loving this season of settling into our new home! 

4. How did you and Chase start leading Kaleo Kids? What has been most encouraging? Most challenging? We began leading Kaleo Kids in the Spring of 2017. 

There a couple big encouraging things to me. One is how God always provides. There have been times we have been short on volunteers and the next week I am approached by multiple people who have a desire to start serving. My mind goes to times that the flu has hit teachers hard, but somehow God always provides with joyful helpers. I am so thankful for that and how it has increased my faith.

 Second—the kids! God has entrusted us with some amazing kiddos. Seeing them grow up and learn the story of Jesus and apply it to their lives is incredible. I love that we get to be a little part of their journey and that they get to see faith worked out in all kinds of different volunteers! 

Third—I am always encouraged by the diversity in our team! We have moms, dads, single guys, single girls, grandparents, marrieds with no kids, marrieds with kids...all serving and seeing it as a huge privilege to shepherd their hearts! 

Most challenging would be relinquishing control in the moments when I don’t have an easy solution, whether it be how to best love the kids in a situation or with the weekly schedule, and reminding myself God cares about these details more than I do! 

5. How can someone wanting to serve in Kaleo Kids get connected? Come talk to me or Chase or Abbey!! We would love to have you!

6. What one word of wisdom would you give to parents with young kids in the church? I’m sure lots of people have far more wisdom on parenting than I do! But being a new mom I think one big thing I’m learning is that God’s Grace is sufficient. It’s sufficient in the moments we just don’t know how to approach discipline or we fail in front of our kids and need to repent to them. It’s sufficient when we are in the store and they are melting down and strangers are staring and we need His help to remember our identity is in Jesus! I am thankful his grace is for needy moms and dads. He is near when we cry out in the chaos and He is near when the day is going smoothly! I think for me it’s huge to remember my identity was purchased at the cross. I don’t have to earn favor with God through being the “perfect” mom or having the perfect kid, I can be a mom who fails daily but relinquishes control to a good God and runs to the cross quickly. So let’s be parents who show our kids Jesus loves and forgives sinners and his righteousness is far better than ours! 

7. What are some of your favorite things to do when you get some free time? I enjoy working out, a good true crime podcast or a really depressing memoir (usually given to me by Jenn or Abbey!). These are my favorite ways to depressurize!

8. What is something that most people do not know about you? One time, before I was a Christian, Tim thought that I was going to run away from home. His solution was to set up a bunch of cans around the door knob, so that the door would make a bunch of noise when I opened it. I think he also may have slept in the hall. I did not run away or have plans to run away but it’s very funny to think about his commitment to keeping me safe!

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