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2020 Calendar

Time is something we are all given as a gift. At Kaleo, we realize there is only so much time in a day, a month, and a year. Our goal in creating a calendar for the year is driven by a desire to glorify God with the time he gives us. Every thing we put on the calendar for 2020 is also driven by our mission statement: "Kaleo Church exists to be a Christ-treasuring family, formed by the Gospel and sent on mission to the world through the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God." We will announce these during the service but this is a place for us all to mark our calendars and prepare ourselves for this year.

February 2020:

-Members Meeting February 18

-Men's Retreat February 20-22

-Faith & Friends February 28

March 2020:

-Kids Volunteers Appreciation March 8

-Ladies Brunch March 22

-Faith & Friends March 27

April 2020:

-Men's Breakfast April 19

-Faith & Friends April 24

May 2020:

-Faith & Friends May 15

-Serve the City Vision Mtg. TBD

-Church-wide Picnic May 17

June 2020:

-Ladies Brunch June 7

-Serve the City June 21-27

-T4:12/Faith & Friends June 26

July 2020:

-Faith & Friends/T4:12 July 12

-Men's Breakfast July 19

August 2020:

-Church-wide Picnic/Baptisms August 21

September 2020:

-Ladies Brunch September 13

-Men's Breakfast September 20

-Faith & Friends September 25

October 2020:

-Faith & Friends October 23

November 2020:

-Faith & Friends November 13

-Men's Breakfast November 15

December 2020:

-Ladies Brunch December 6

-Faith & Friends December 11

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